And the time comes, when you just don’t wanna share that song with all your online “friends”, you wanna play it to him, just now. You don’t wanna write down that post that everyone’s gonna sympathize with, you don’t want that hot debate on an argument you wanted to carry on so badly, so that people could really get your point. You just wanna speak your word and notice the reaction on people’s faces.

And the time comes, when your online presence becomes your worst enemy. Who cares about so many chats with innumerable people on a topic which is so popular? Our generation has got so many temporary things to spend time on. This is becoming ridiculous.

And the time comes when all you wanna share is that still and warm glance with someone lying next to you. All you wanna care about is the way you’re gonna spend the next afternoon with a cup of coffee, or the evening with a glass of fine wine.

And the time comes, when online is not a choice, when you realize that the variety of opportunities that ‘online’ provides us with are meant to set all of us apart.

And the time finally comes when I choose to stay beside people who need me and who are precious to me. I choose to be there in real life, in real time, I choose to live and I choose to grow. Stay safe and sound there online.