There's big chaos in my head that I'm trying hard to conceal. My body is talking to me louder than ever and I can hear it, the problem is, I can't listen to it, I'm not ready.

I'm scared that I can find out things inside of my consciousness I don't wanna know, I'm scared that somehow I will open up to myself and it will hurt me.

But then I realize, the fact that I'm scared is the starting point. I have to know, I have to understand myself at whatever cost.

There are also things I will never question, things that I find are indescribable and authentic, I wanna cherish them. Those are the values I'll never replace, they're with me from now on. You gave them to me, now I have to hide them in places nobody can find. I don't think anyone can notice if they find them. Those are too precious, too mature, too beautiful, too much wise, a little bit too much, a little bit...unspoken. I wish we could talk about them more.

Wherever this road takes me, I cannot forget it, the time, it seems to me, has stopped and it cannot move on for now. The clocks are not moving.