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EZBlocks – Another useful plugin for prison servers, this one allows you to track and reward gamers based off of what number of blocks theyve mined. It allows your everyday player to create a store that they'll then link to a sign and chest with a view to sell or buy any items within the game. So as to allow gamers to see this theyll must have the ezblocks.pickaxecounter permission node. For instance, if youd like you can give players tokens for each X quantity of minutes spent on your server, in turn they'll spend these tokens on items, plots, just about anything you need. The configuration for this plugin is good out of the field but when youd like to change pricing, constructing within plots, or anything of that nature than you are free to do so within the config.yml file. The primary workforce required to act out the function of prison guards and accompany prisoners for a walk into: the dining room, the library, the playground, the shower, and so forth. The second group is obliged to outwit the police and make a plan of escape. Its has features corresponding to AntiSpam, AntiBot, and AntiAd, that permit you to manage what people say in chat and just remember to dont have anything unwanted or overly rude in your chat as effectively.